LOVES Travel Stop (Moses Lake, WA)


Project Description

The Loves Travel Stop & Country Store located in Moses Lake, Washington was completed and opened its doors in April of 2022! Western Pump built and installed the fuel system.

 The scope of work included excavation, trenching, backfill, fuel system installation, testing, start-up, and commissioning.

LOVES Travel Stop (Moses Lake, WA)


Project Features:

  • One (1) 20,000 Gallon Underground Storage Tank (UST) and One (1) 30,000 Gallon Underground Storage Tank (Auto Side)
  • Eight (8) Gilbarco Encore 700s 3+1 dispensers (Auto Side)
  • Two (2) 30,000 Gallon Diesel Underground Storage Tanks (UST) and One (1) 20,000 Gallon DEF Underground Storage Tank (Diesel Side)
  • Ten (10) Gilbarco Encore 700s (1 master, 8 master-satellites, and 1 satellite) (Diesel Side)

  • Five (5) turbine tank sumps

  • Underground Pipe Installation UPP Pipe

  • Back Fill Tank and Pipe Excavation

  • Tank Monitoring System Equipment

  • Testing, Start-Up, and Commissioning

LOVES Travel Stop (Moses Lake, WA)
LOVES Travel Stop (Moses Lake, WA)

Services Provided

Saw cut, breakout, remove concrete

Tank Installation

Piping Installation

Fuel Dispenser Installation

Tank Monitoring System Upgrade

Drive Slab Installation

Flow Meter Calibration

Start-up & Initialization

Regulatory Inspections

Close-out Documentation