Contractor Owned and Operated Automated Fuel Facility, Camp Pendleton, CA


Project Description

As a subcontractor to Willbros, Western Pump constructed six, new, contractor-owned and -operated fueling facilities at MCB Camp Pendleton, CA. The project included twenty-five (25) underground storage tank systems, twenty-four submersible pump systems, six (6) fuel island canopy structures, eighteen (18) fuel dispensers, six (6) monitoring systems, six (6) vapor recovery systems, six (6) fuel management systems, and three (3) bulk loading racks.


Scope of Work

Services Provided

Fuel Storage & Dispensing

Canopy Structure

Fuel System Electrical

Building & Area Lighting

  • Permitting 
  • Engineered Shoring 
  • Excavation & Trenching 
  • Tank Installation
  • Electrical Installation 
  • Secondary Containment
  • Enhanced Leak Detection Testing

Notable Accomplishment

Western Pump self-performed all permitting, construction, certification, and start-up processes for six automated fuel facilities.  There were six key project phases: 

  • Permitting
  • Excavation, shoring, soil disposal, and dewatering
  • Tank installation and piping
  • Fuel system electrical and dispenser installation
  • Monitoring, recovery, and fuel management system installation
  • Certification, start-up, and initialization of equipment with certified technicians