Our Customers

Western Pump is a full-service contractor for the petroleum and automotive equipment industries. We provide all-in-one, turnkey solutions for specialty construction projects. We also offer equipment distribution, installation, repair, maintenance and compliance services. We serve customers in private and public enterprises throughout Southern California and Arizona.


Who We Serve 

Our customers include

Transit Districts, Airports & Marinas

Aviation fueling facilities

Marina fueling facilities


Major Oil Companies, Refineries & Oil Jobbers

Big Box Retailers & Supermarkets

Hospitals, Care Facilities & Data Centers

Cities, Municipalities, Water Districts & Utilities

Police & Fire Departments

Casinos, Amusement Parks & Recreational Facilities

Service Stations, Truck Stops & Travel Centers

Retail service stations (fuel systems, car washes, and C-stores)

Fleet fueling facilities

Vehicle maintenance facilities

US Government & Military Bases

Colleges, Universities & School Districts

Rental Agencies

Auto Dealers & Repair Facilities

Real Estate Developers

General Contractors

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