Atlas Electronic Gas Station Dispensers

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Gasboy Atlas 9800 Electronic Series

The Atlas® 9800K Series is a basic high-flow commercial fleet model with electronic displays. It is available in a complete range of pump and dispenser models for High, Super High, and Ultra-Hi Flow units. When equipped with the RS-485 Gasboy Interface, the 9800K Series dispensers can be paired with the Gasboy fuel-management systems to establish a fast, reliable, and accurate fuel-management system. The Pulse Output interface option can be used to communicate with other controllers. Available in side- or front-load configurations, the 9800K Series dispensers are built around a welded galvanized steel frame to deliver great long-term performance. Put these dependable fleet fuel dispensers to work in your fuel-management system.


    • Versatile – can be used in most high-flow fleet-fueling applications
    • Direct connection to Gasboy fuel-management systems / Straightforward integration with third-party fuel-management systems
    • Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD display


Gasboy Atlas Ultra-Hi Flow Series

The Atlas® 9840K and 9850K Series Ultra-Hi products are available in pump, dispenser, and combo models. It’s the right product when high-capacity fuel delivery is required. Pair with the Atlas 9216K Satellite or TW3 Combo to fuel both saddle tanks simultaneously. Add the RS485 Interface or Pulse Output to communicate with Gasboy fuel-management systems or other third-party controllers for reliable and accurate fuel management. The welded galvanized steel frame provides a rigid foundation for long-term durability.


    • Same reliable Gasboy electronics with Ultra-Hi flow capacity
    • Direct connection to Gasboy fuel-management systems / Straightforward integration with third-party fuel-management systems


Gasboy Atlas 9100K Mechanical Electronic Series

The Atlas® 9100K Series fuel dispenser employs a traditional mechanical register and delivers dependable performance in nearly any fuel-management application. The high-speed mechanical commercial units come in both pump and dispenser models. Add the Pulser option to communicate with most fuel controllers. With the satellite piping option, you can pair the 9153KX Atlas dispenser with the Atlas 9216K Satellite dispenser to create a fueling system that meets your precise needs. 


    • Commercial-grade construction and superior corrosion resistance / Long-term, cost-effective sustainability
    • Traditional refueling platform—without electronics—that is simple to service
    • Exceptional service and support / More than 500 distributors and 750 authorized service contractors mean that you can get a prompt service response from anywhere in the world


Gasboy Atlas Satellite

General-purpose satellite for use with Atlas or other master dispensers. Front-load, lane-oriented nozzle boots. Convenient for toll-gate island layout to fuel from both sides of the fueling lane. Perfect companion to Atlas masters for saddle-tank refueling.


    • Enables fast, convenient fueling for large vehicles with saddle tanks
    • Combines transactions on master dispensers
    • Efficiently uses fuel-island space
    • Features rugged, corrosion-resistant welded G90 galvanized steel frames
    • Matches Atlas profile, meaning it can be used with any master dispenser
Gasboy Atlas AST Series | Western Pump


Gasboy Atlas AST Series:

ASTRA 9823K is a split remote pump with an electronic display register and nozzle hang-up for easy access and volume viewing at just the right height!

Gasboy Atlas® Above-Ground Storage Tank (AST) dispensers are the industry’s only customized pumping solution that Weights & Measures can seal for custody-transfer and retail applications. They can be a part of your complete Gasboy turnkey solution backed by the world’s largest network of fleet-product distributors and authorized service contractors. Atlas AST dispensers feature a heavy-duty one-HP motor with a durable, long-term pump and meter. It is compatible with your Gasboy fleet-management systems to facilitate a single-source solution for your operation.


    • Approved by Weights & Measures for custody-transfer and retail applications
    • Compatible with Gasboy and other fleet-management systems
    • Cost-effective solution for above-ground tanks
Atlas Prime | Western Pump


Atlas Prime

The Atlas® PRIME integrates a fuel controller and dispenser into one unit. This new Gasboy development combines the Gasboy authorization terminal and the Atlas electronic dispenser platform. It is equipped with a large, user-friendly, 40-key alphanumeric keypad and a 4.3-inch, high-brightness LCD color screen to allow for full fleet management directly from the pump. This integrated unit includes a MiFare contactless reader, a magnetic card reader, and an optional HID reader to facilitate multiple authorization methods. The Atlas PRIME is also fully integrated with Gasboy FuelPoint® PLUS automated fueling technology. The Atlas PRIME can operate as a stand-alone or remote terminal.


    • Facilitates multiple authorization methods
    • Web-based fuel-management terminal at each fueling position
    • Available on any Atlas® 9800K front-load unit
    • UL, cUL, FCC certifications